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Pre-School Philosophy

The vision of the Pre-school is to provide a happy and caring environment where children learn to play, gain social skills and become confident individuals and independent learners. In order to achieve this, a long-term curriculum has been designed to be interesting and relevant to all children.  The curriculum encompasses the seven areas of learning and development; three prime areas and four specific areas through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for children from birth to five as dictated by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). Within this environment, children are enabled to gain confidence in the basic skills that will assist them in their transition to school.

The pre-school seeks to complement the discipline and security of the child’s home. There is a ‘no smacking’ policy and in the event of a problem, a child will be removed, an adult will discuss the incident with them and an apology will be encouraged. Unsociable behaviour will not be accepted and any such incidents are suitably dealt with. Hanham Toddlers Pre-school provides a, smoke free, caring environment where positive behaviours and individual achievements are recognised and acknowledged.