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It is our intention to make our pre-school genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. In order to accomplish this we will:

  • Describe the pre-school and its practices in terms which make it clear that it welcomes both fathers and mothers, other relations and other carers, including child minders, and people from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disabilities.
  • Monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the group to ensure that no accidental discrimination is taking place.
  • Make our equal opportunities policy widely known.
  • Pre-school places are allocated in order of placement on the waiting list providing the child has reached the statutory age for admission and will normally be for 2 or 3 sessions per week.  Extra sessions can be requested and will be granted if vacancies allow.  However, a child attending another provider for the equivalent of 5 sessions will be offered no more than 2 sessions in order to offer a wider allocation of places.  If after obtaining the equivalent of 5 sessions with us, they take up 5 places elsewhere, they will have their sessions reduced to 2 if other children are waiting for places.
  • Fees are as stated in the prospectus until the child is eligible to receive the Government Nursery Education Grant.  If this grant is not redeemed with us, the fees will increase to the equivalent of the voucher.  The Nursery Education Grant covers 38 weeks of each school year.
  • Consideration will be given to children moving into the area if they have already been attending playgroup or if special circumstances are proved.
  • When our maximum number is reached the only vacancy will be after the next school intake or when someone leaves.
  • We will do our best to accommodate children with disabilities by considering each individual case and making reasonable adjustments as necessary in consultation with parents/carers and external agencies.