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As a pre-school we support the ‘Walk to School’ initiative which encourages parents to walk to school or pre-school as often as possible to promote a healthy child and a healthier environment.  We will organise events throughout the year to promote this initiative.

If you must drive to Pre-school it is vital that you drive extremely slowly when entering and leaving the car park and always be aware of small children. The car park only has a limited space and on any one day there are around 70 parents plus staff together with church members and the general public using the car park.  There will therefore often be days when there are just not sufficient spaces for everybody.  In particular Mondays are very busy as the Church runs a Lunch Club and around 10 spaces are used by them.  If there are not spaces, please do not block others in as this is both very inconsiderate and potentially dangerous for our children walking through the car park.  Why not try walking to pre-school?

It is important that parents keep a careful watch on their children as they are their own responsibility whilst in the car park, and we would like to request that you hold your child’s hand at all times whilst walking in the car park.

In addition we currently have several families who need to be able to use the disabled spaces in the car park, particularly the one at the bottom and it is imperative that the disabled spaces are left free.

There may be times when we ask that the car park is not used, for instance if the Church have a specific need for it to be kept clear.

Access to and from Pre-school is via the bottom door only.  Please do not use the entrance at the top of the church.

Fire regulations prohibit pushchairs and prams from the corridors when bringing or collecting your child. We do appreciate that this can be a problem with small babies if they are asleep so please speak with the Pre-school Manager who will try to help.

The building complies with the Government disability access requirements.  The building is safe and secure and access is monitored during pre-school sessions.