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Payment of Fees

From September 2020 fees are £15.00 for a 2½ session,  £19.00 hours for a 3½ hour session and £24 for 5 hours. Nursery grant may be used per session (for full details, please refer to our Admissions Policy).  It is our preferred method to use monthly Standing Orders to pay fees and we would ask that these are set up for the 1st of each month.  Payment schedules will be given out prior to your child starting pre-school.  Should this payment method be unsuitable for you the pre-school will endeavour to make other arrangements.

All fees must be paid irrespective of absence. Absence of four weeks without notification will be regarded as termination of membership but fees will still be due for this period.

Non payment of fees will result in a child losing their place at the pre-school.

As a registered charity, the organisation does not aim to make a profit, but our income has to cover rental of the premises, staff costs, insurance, membership of the Pre-school Learning Alliance (P.L.A.) and equipment. Your fees are geared to meet this outlay.

DOWNLOAD: Childcare Choices Information Sheet April 2017