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When collecting your child, please be prompt. Lateness may incur a fine, since a member of staff has to stay with your child.  At the end of the session, if no contact is made within 30 minutes, South Gloucestershire Social Services will be notified to arrange temporary care.

If someone other than the usual person is collecting your child the Group Leader should be informed at the beginning of the session and you will be asked to enter the appropriate details in a log book. If this does not happen then you will need to contact the Pre-school to inform them who will be collecting your child and both you and the person collecting will be asked to quote your child’s unique password.  The Group Leader will also satisfy themselves as to the physical description of the person collecting your child.  No child is allowed to leave with an unauthorised person or an older child.  It is very important that these procedures are adhered to as it can be very awkward and embarrassing both for us and the person collecting if the procedures have not been followed and we cannot release your child.  We are sure you will appreciate that the safety of your child is paramount to us.